Malaysian Teams grab all accolades at Tiger Street Football

The 2013 Tiger Street Football concluded it’s proceedings on a wet Sunday weekend in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Held in one of the ten biggest shopping complexes in Asia, 1 Utama, the event attracted plenty of interest from the locals.

The main draw of the event was none other than the Tiger Street Football ambassador himself, Fabio Cannavaro. The former Italian captain is best remembered for holding aloft the World Cup trophy back in 2006 when he led his country to victory over France. The affable Italian took time to meet with enthusiastic fans for pictorial mementos and signed numerous memorabilia.

However, the main action remains inside of the pitch. An oval shaped steel cage became the venue for team to compete in two short six-minute halves. 27 local teams participated in the Malaysian side of the competition on Saturday, where the top four teams advanced to Sunday’s competition involving the international sides.

Fisherman’s Friend Team D were victorious in the Malaysian event as they beat Brabus United A in the final by a whopping margin of 7-2. Together with Bobai FC and ABY Barca United, all four teams had to find their energy again on the following day as they confirmed their entries in the international event.

Manchester Futsal Club from England, Streetkings from Holland, Big1Sport99 from Thailand and Touch N Go from Singapore completed the cast in the international event.

After the completion of the group stages – Bobai FC, Touch N Go, Manchester Futsal Club and Streetkings all advanced to the semifinal stage of the competition. The Malaysian team, Bobai FC eventually took the title of Champions Tiger Street Football Malaysian, narrowly beating Manchester Futsal Club in the final by a score of 3-2. Together with the winner’s medal, Bobai FC also took home US$5,000.

The event was a huge success with the crowd entertained between matches by performances from local performers; ranging from BMX riders to street dancers to cheerleaders.

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