Brazilian singer shot and killed onstage during concert

Dan Pellegrine, a.k.a MC Daleste, performing onstage just before the shooting. (YouTube)

A 20-year-old Brazilian singer was shot and killed while performing onstage at a concert on Saturday, reports from witnesses in São Paulo say.

According to Ultima Segundo, Daniel Pellegrine, better known as funk artist MC Daleste, was midway through his set at a club in Campinas, Brazil late Saturday when he sustained a single bullet wound to the chest. Pellegrine was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The shooting was caught on video by a concertgoer and uploaded to YouTube. In the footage, Pellegrine appears to be introducing a song to the crowd when he slumps to the ground, dropping the microphone. A photographer who was onstage next to Pellegrine can be seen attempting to help the fallen singer as fans, realizing what they just saw, scream in terror.

Brazilian police have yet to release information on the shooting or potential suspects, the paper said.

In a message to fans posted on the singer’s Facebook page (and translated to English), a friend of Pellegrine wrote:

Another Warrior, another MC of the Funk spiritually leaves us [unexpectedly]. He left the stage without saying goodbye, a victim of intolerance! A great loss to our family of Funk! I hope God gives strength to the family, friends, and fans of my good friend MC Daleste, a guy who only wanted to convey joy to everyone through his music. It is a pity that the peace which we dream of, we often only get when we close our eyes. However, while my eyes are open, I will fight … I will persist. Our goal has always been and will always be that. Take all a positive message: fight for every dream … To realize it! MC Daleste did his part and will always be remembered. It is in peace Warrior of the funk!

As Gawker noted, the shooting is the latest incident “to draw worldwide attention to violence in Brazil ahead of next year’s World Cup.” Just last week, a referee was reportedly beheaded by fans at an amateur soccer match. According to the Associated Press, police say “enraged spectators invaded a soccer field, stoned the referee to death and quartered his body after he stabbed a player to death.”

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